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STM32 European Workshops - UK locations

Question asked by Jon Green on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Clive One
[Yes, it's not a support question, but this is a community board, and it's relevant.]

I got the email notification today of the upcoming European workshops - and I'm puzzled.

For those not familiar with the UK landscape, the majority of commercial MCU development is happening in three areas: London (to a limited extent), Cambridge and the M4 Corridor. There are three UK workshop locations announced: Manchester, Coventry and Crawley. All three are inconvenient for the M4 Corridor (where most is happening), Crawley is only marginally convenient from London, and all three are a nuisance to get to from Cambridge, my own base. I can't justify an overnight stay or a 4-5 hour round trip drive to attend, so it's not for me - nor, I suspect, for a lot of other CTOs and key movers.

The most sensible places to have held them would have been Manchester (for the North), Basingstoke (for the M4)  and somewhere near Cambridge. I'd interested to know from ST people what the reasoning was for the locations that they chose.