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USB HS: RM0090 issues

Question asked by bs on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by waclawek.jan
According to the usermanual (UM) and datasheet, the STM32F4 has 6 in and 6 out endpoints in Highspeed (ULPI) Mode.
When reading the UM and having a closer look at the register tables I found out that the registers DOEPCTLx and DIEPTSIZx are only specified for x=1..3, but they should be specified for x=1..5.
An other interesting aspect is, that several registers DIEPINTx, DOEPINTx and DIEPCTLx are specified for x=0..7 and DIEPTXFx is specified for x=1..7. So it seems like the STM32F4 has 8 endpoints, but only 4 really complete ones as some registers exist for up to 4 endpoints and others for up to 8 endpoints.

Please clarify what I could expect from a STM32F42x device and how many endpoints are really available. If there is already a clarification in the UM, which I have overseen, please point me into the right direction.