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SWD Interface for STM32F051 and / or STM32F030

Question asked by von_ahnen.michael on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Clive One
I have a STM32F030 design which I migrated from a STM32F051 design.  When I read documentation on the programming interface, it specifies SWDCLK, SWDDIO, and NRST.  I noticed however that the Discovery board has another pin connected to PB3 which is called SWO.  The documentation for the STLINK-V2 also uses this pins (referred to as TRACESWO).  

The whole reason for this question is that I am having an issue talking to my design that uses the STM32F030 with the STLINK-V2.  It appears to see something, since the error code is not "Device not present".  I get the "Internal Error" which I remember getting on a STM32F207 evaluation board when I did not have PB3 connected.  I do have this pin connected on the board, but since it is not listed on the datasheet, I was wondering if possibly it had moved to another pin.