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Cortex-A chips for Generating Pulses?

Question asked by li.guocheng on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by fm
I am now using a Cortext-M3 chip(STM32F) to control Stepping Motor in an industrial equipment (Only generating pulses and direction signal to send to a stepper driver). Its maximum frequency is 72MHz so I can't add more complex tasks in it. I want to use a chip with maximum frequency at least at 400MHz to do more complex tasks like touch screen and camera controlling. I noticed that Cortex-A series chips basically has high operation frequencies like 480MHz, and I only know that they are basically used in smart-phones. So Could Cortex-A series chips be used in motor controlling?(For motor controlling, I only need to generate pulses and direction signal.) If so, do you have some recommending chips?

Summarizing my demands:
1. Able to Generate pulses at least 200kHz, with general I/O control.
2. Maximum frequency at least 400MHz. Able to do 3.6" touch screen controlling.
3. Able to input video stream from a 2 Million pixel USB Camera and some basic image processing and displaying.