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STM32L162 - unique device id, address offset

Question asked by MatejMaster on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by MatejMaster

I'm trying to read STM32L162VD register U_ID (Unique device ID registers) ... If I refer to Reference manual, page 812, chapter 30.2  Unique device ID registers; base address is 0x1FF8 0050, for next scope of bytes is address offset 0x04, but for next (last) bytes is offset 0x14, but it's value is equal to zero...

uidLoc: c0f83f07
uidLoc+4: e6c71938
uidLoc+14: 0

Now I'm wondering if it is possible that this is an address offset error  in reference manual? Because if I read bytes with address offset 0x08 i get those values, which makes more sense then above:

uidLoc: c0f83f07
uidLoc+4: e6c71938
uidLoc+8: 4efcb103

Best regards and thanks for any useful info...