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STM32F205RF with STM32CubeMX and USB

Question asked by voltr.radek on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by voltr.radek

I am fighting with USB again.

Situation :
STM32F205RF in NetDuino2 (schematic is here -

Code generated with CubeMX
- first page :
- clock page :
- config page :

Project generated into MDK uVision 5 (free, 32kB limited) and started without debugger or with Segger J-Link attached. In project I just changed XTal to 25Mhz.

Unfortunately after compile nothing is detected on USB. My own implementations went into partial detection but CubeMX generated code do nothing. Not even "unknown device" :-(

Do I missing something in CubeMX/Code/Project settings ?