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STM32F2xx HS USB MSD fault on cards over 4GB

Question asked by curran.danny on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by curran.danny
I have taken the code from the stm3220G - eval board and change the HSE setting to match my hardware. I have also configured the HS port to us the embedded phy. the storage media is a SD card driven via the SDIO

This works well on 2GB SD cards, but I have recently been given 8GB cards to test the system to work with

The host PC enumerates the USB and then reports the SD card as not being formatted yet if I take the SD card out of the HArdware and directly connect it to the PC is sees the card and that it is formatted.

I have a PC tool called disk explorer that allows you to see the file system data eg partition, boot, fats , root etc and from this I see there is a differance in the SD card Cylinder,Head,Sector sizes eg connected directly to the PC C,H,S= 1006*255*63  yet taken through the ST USB code the C,H,S = 488*255*6

Has anyone else come across this and if so what did you need to do to fix it ? Do I have to did through the code to find out whey the SD_GetCardInfo()  seems to give the wrong answers