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Curve fitting libraries

Question asked by norlander.mattias on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by Danish Ali

I am currently working on a PIR-sensor solution, where 10 PIR-sensors are mounted in an array containing lets say 300 elements, at an even spacing distance.

Looks like this:
* = PIR
# = array element without PIR-sensor.

The PIR-sensors are supposed to detect when a person moves alongs this array. I can only use ~10 sensors and therefore need to guess whether a person is present in between 2 sensors and if so, where he/she actually is standing.

So I have 10 data points where I know the X-value (the position in the array of these sensors) and I can read the corresponding Y-values from these PIR-sensors.

Now how do I achieve a curve fitting. I am thinking that cubical spline or polynomial interpolation are the best two methods for this specific applicaiton. I need a library that can interpolate the rest of the array elements which are unknown. Any ideas of where I can find this?

I intend to use and STM32F4-Discovery board to read the sensors and perhaps the FPU/DSP to calculations.