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STM32F4 ADCs triggerd by TIM1 possible?

Question asked by Max on Mar 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Clive One

at first, I try to explain my target functinality:
-TIM1 generates a 3PH Center aligned PWM
- the ADCs are configured in triple mode, some channels are converted and the DMA generates an Interrupt when the Transfer of data to RAM has finished (regular channels)
-TIM1 should Trigger the sampling sequence of the ADCs when 0, Period, or both (Software selectable)

What is working:
-the timer is configured proper an generates the PWM pattern
-the ADCs and DMA work, but only with Software Trigger

The question:
Is it possible to configure TIM1 to generate the Trigger for the ADCs in that way?
The Statements "TIM1_CHx Event" in RM0090 on page 396 are not clear to me. It seems to me, that a new conversion is immediately started, after the last has finnished.

Thanks in advance for your help!