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What triggers WFI exit?

Question asked by rogel.zohar on Mar 30, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2014 by Clive One

I want to use WFI, but I'm wondering how it works, what triggers the WFI to exit low power.

I've defined systick for 1uSec (I'll use it later for some delays).
I've defined timer2 for 100mSec.
I need to do some calculations every 100mSec. The calculation time should take about 10-15 mSec. The rest of the time the MCU should be in sleep mode.
I want to use WFI, but here is the question:
If I defined systick for 1uSec, does it means that in WFI, the system will wake from sleep every 1uSec, do nothing (since I didn't define nothig yet in SysTick_Handler() ) and go back to sleep till the timer interrupt occurs?
Is there any conditional WFI to wake only on specific interrupt and not on every interrupt?