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Problem of PWM complementary output by using TIM1 on STM32F407

Question asked by gao.guang.001 on Mar 28, 2014
   I have a problem on PWM complementary output by using TIM1 on STM32F407.Now, i am going to drive the 3-phase BLDC with IR2130,
by using the TIM1 timer to generate six step complementary output PWM,
on One step,I wish that the CH1channel can generate PWM waveform, on the same the CH1N channel is High level, but actually, the CH1N channel is always low level!
   How can i to setup the library of fuction? thanks!
   Now it's my Configuration:
    /*  Channel1 configuration */
    TIM_SelectOCxM(TIM1, TIM_Channel_1, TIM_OCMode_PWM1);
    TIM_CCxCmd(TIM1, TIM_Channel_1, TIM_CCx_Enable);
    TIM_CCxNCmd(TIM1,TIM_Channel_1, TIM_CCxN_Disable);
    CH1    PWM
    CH1N   H-LEVEL
    actuall CH1 PWM  CH1N  LOW-LEVEL