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How to use RealTerm with keil and stm32f4-Discovery

Question asked by ashraf.salahuddin on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by sung.chen_chung
Hi everyone, 
I've an stm32f4-Discovery kit and I'm trying to implement USART on it
Now I've installed realterm, and I have my USB-to-TTL converter module.. its picture is in the attachments.. and I'm using Windows 7 .. using KEIL uV4 
the question is.. how to use them ?
I think that I have to connect PC6 pin on the discovery board with RXI pin on the module and PC7 pin on the discovery kit with TXO pin on the module and the 5V pin on the kit with VCC pin on the module and finally GND pin on the kit with GND pin on the module, then I expect to see the output and send the input of the USART on realterm ... 
Am I right ??
Are there special configurations I've to adjust on RealTerm to make it work properly ??
please help me.. 
thanks in advance