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Is there an error in VOS (voltage scaling) setting in SM32F401 sample code?

Question asked by l.d.001 on Mar 28, 2014

In brief, sample code appears to set Scale 3 VOS setting, but datasheet tells to set Scale 2. Who is wrong?

I am running "Demonstration" project from on STMF401 discovery board
I noticed that file
has lines:
     /* Select regulator voltage output Scale 2 mode, System frequency up to 84 MHz */
    PWR->CR &= (uint32_t)~(PWR_CR_VOS);

In the debugger I see that after reset PWR_CR was 0x8000,
but the above line changes it to 0x4000 and it remains 0x4000
for the duration of application execution.
But STM32F401xB/C Reference manual says
Bits15:14 VOS[1:0]:
00: Reserved (Scale 3 mode selected)
01: Scale 3 mode
10: Scale 2 mode
11: Reserved (Scale 2 mode selected)

Also, STM32F401xC datasheet says
Scale 3 for fHCLK ≤ 60 MHz
Scale 2 for 60 MHz < fHCLK ≤ 84 MHz

So, after reset MCU had PWR_CR 0x8000 - Scale 2.
This is correct:MCU can run up to max speed of 84 MHz.

But that strange line
PWR->CR &= (uint32_t)~(PWR_CR_VOS);
erased PWR_CR to 0x4000 - Scale 3
which can only run up to 60 MHz,
but the same system_stm32f4xx.c configures HCLK for 84 MHz.

So, there is an error somewhere - either in the datasheet, reference manual or source code.

So, the first  question: where is the error?
Second: what is the correct setting for VOS on STMF401 at 84 MHz?
Third: what happens if the wrong VOS is selected? Will it run incorrectly? Will power consumption be bad? Will any damage happen?

Thank you