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Dominant/Recessive state support for UART

Question asked by 40177 on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by 40177
A wish for new chips: It would be nice if STM could consider to implement a UART which supports bit-wise arbitration, as it is required for KNX / EIB networks.

KNX/EIB of course is a big market, but this functionality would be also very nice for any other network - it then allows collision-free data transfer on UART channels (only requirement is that you use a PHY with recessive/dominant state, you can just any CAN transceiver or LIN transceiver for this).

Currently I consider to do it with a "slave processor" who handles the complete data transfer itself "bit for bit". But this of course is a bit cumbersome (it would be nicer of course, if an STM32 dual core would be available similar to the LPC4300 ... but as my application is quite cost sensitive I would by far prefer an STM32F0 or STM32F1 chip which includes a UART with bit-wise arbitration functionality).