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Timer interrupts are not running on time.

Question asked by hurtado.jose_carlos on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by hurtado.jose_carlos
Hello, I'm programing a VGA signal with the STM32 discovery board. I'm using a timer to generate sync pulses and everything seems to work fine since the image shows static in the monitor. But there are some glitches, the image is not static 100%  some rows are shifted to the right. I've tried every possible thing to fix this... and nothing worked.

(might not be the real reason)
I've discovered it's due to calling functions in my main program. It seems that if a function is called just before an interrupt then the interrupt is called some microseconds after, and this is why some rows are shifted to the right in my monitor. If I just run plain instructions in my main loop then this bug doesn't happen, but I need to call some functions in my main loop, so this is not a solution...

Is there any way to configure this processor to run interrupts right when they should run.

Thanks in advance.