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Volatile variables causes issues with Coocox

Question asked by franco on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by lohse.dirk

I know that I should post this in Coocox forum, but I what to know if one of STM32 users faced this issue before:

I have a strange issue with Coocox (COIDE V1.7.6), it may be a bug:
- Optimization is set to -O0,

here is part of my code that causes the issue : Inside a function, I have declared a local variabes as volatile :


  volatile uint32_t tmpcounter = 0x00, indexoffset = 0x00;
   volatile  uint32_t counterread = 0x00;

 /* Read flash memory */
      while ((indexoffset != USER_FLASH_SIZE) && (HCD_IsDeviceConnected(&USB_OTG_Core) == 1))
        for (counterread = 0; counterread < BUFFER_SIZE; counterread++)
          /* Check the read bytes versus the end of flash */
          if (indexoffset + counterread != USER_FLASH_SIZE)
            tmpcounter = counterread;
            RAM_Buf[tmpcounter] = (*(uint8_t*)(address++));
          /* In this case all flash was read */

        /* Write buffer to file */
        f_write (&file, RAM_Buf, BUFFER_SIZE, (void *)&bytesWritten);
        /* Number of byte written  */
        indexoffset = indexoffset + counterread;


When reaching the last line and before executing it  : "indexoffset = indexoffset + counterread;" I see that counterread is equal to 0 which is wrong (it should be equal to BUFFER_SIZE )

If I declared "indexoffse" and "counterread" without being volatile the issue is solved.

If I declared "indexoffse" and "counterread" as volatile but global variables , the issue is also solved.


I can't understand it ? it may be a bug is COIDE ?