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WIND:55:"Pending Data..." is generated after "AT+S.SOCKR" command

Question asked by oksak.hasan on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Gerardo Gallucci
I have been using the your WiFi module, The module desciption is below;
#  nv_manuf = ST
#  nv_model = SPWF01SA1
#  nv_serial = 4313D02202
#  nv_wifi_macaddr = 00:80:E1:FF:BA:10
+WIND:1:Poweron (141106-0950875-SPWF01S) (f/w version)

After socket write operation with"AT+S.SOCKR" command, "+WIND:55:Pending Data..." is generated. UM1695 does not include any information about that issue.
I upgrate the firmware from 3.3(141106) to 3.5(160129)
I retest the module but got same result.
I attached the test outputs screen shot.

I already test two modules but the result is same.