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STM32F373 SDADC (Sigma-Delta ADC)

Question asked by wei.jim.001 on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by Igor Cesko

I am planning on using the SDADC in STM32F37x microcontroller.  The data sheets says the sampling frequency is between 500 kHz ~ 6 MHz, depending on the clock signal driving the SDADC.  The output data rate is 4.167 ksps ~ 50 ksps accordingly.  So it appears that the over sampling rate is 120.  But the data sheet never says so.  In between these two points, I can drive the SDADC with a clock signal derived from the system clock and get a output data rate of 1/120 of the frequency of the driving clock signal.  Am I correct?  Thanks for your input.