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STM32F USB Device with USB3 host

Question asked by squires.daniel.001 on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by squires.daniel.001

I'm developing both a driver on the host side and application on the client/device side using the onboard FS phy. Provided the host is USB2 both sides are behaving as expected. If I plug the device into a USB3 port on the same host PC things stop working.

The first bulk OUT  write all goes well, the application at the device end sees the packet and handles the data. However with a subsequent bulk OUT  write things go wrong. According to wire shark the packet was sent, and the device acknowledged. According the the device driver this was also the case. However no interrupt occurs at the device, the device application doesn't get any data. If the host sends a control packet it works as expected. If the device sends bulk IN packets these too work as expected. 

Does anybody have any idea what night be happening? It seems as if some interrupt for bulk OUTs on the device is left disabled but I do not understand why the host side being USB3 would cause this to happen.