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Detemining the driving capability of an STM32 output

Question asked by miller.danny on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by waclawek.jan
I'd like to model if it's practical to drive an STM32 output into a transistor.  

I've got some Optimos 3 transistors with a 2.8v Vth:

The transistor would be driving at about 5amps.  It might be necessary to drive it in the 500 KHz, maybe 1 MHz range.  It doesn't necessarily have to be that transistor.

This is more load than you'd normally connect, if the current drive to the gate is too low the transistor will switch slowly and generate a lot of switching heat while in the linear region.  

But you don't just "assume" something won't work, especially when much cheaper/simpler than building a driver.  Are there detailed specs on STM32 pins I can model in PSPICE to see what sort of transistor switching heat I'll end up with?