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DMA and SDIO problem (Solved)

Question asked by t.muhammad on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by wieser.anthony
Hullo guys , ....... I got SDIO and DMA working fine , but now i want to use the DMA so store the data automatically into external SRAM for further processing , now the problem is that the documentation tells very few about that , im using STM32F207ZG , so what is the best way to do that ? ....... i tried to make the SDIO be the flow controller of the DMA but it did not work , so Can i use the SDIO FIFO to initiate a DMA transfer? ........ if so then how ?
I solved the problem , at first i made the source address as the SDIO->FIFO , but it turned out that i must put the actual address which is
#define SDIO_FIFO_ADDRESS             ((uint32_t)0x40012C80)