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lcd_log.c for SD

Question asked by jaspik on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by jaspik
 i saw this library at USB-host example. I decided to try use this library not with USB but with SD card. I am trying to get understand how this library works, but it doesnt seems to be so easy.

I have problem with understanding of LCD_LOG_Exported_Macros.

for example :

#define  LCD_UsrLog(...)    LCD_LineColor = LCD_LOG_DEFAULT_COLOR;\

In main program i use:
LCD_UsrLog("> Hello.\n");
LCD_UsrLog("> Hi.\n");

Both texts are written on LCD 2nd one under the 1st one.
I have no clue, what part of code does that? Does any1 has an experience with this library? Can some1 please explain me, how does it works?

Thanks a lot, Jan