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impossible to using.

Question asked by gamboa_diaz_de_leon on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2011 by Clive One
hi everyone... mi name is hector and i am a curious of embbeded world.
I discovered this kit on the interner and logicaly, i have one.

the very important reason that i am writing something here is:

1.- I plugged the board to usb and demo application works very well. ( 1.- o.k.)
2.- i choosed Atollic True studio( 2.2.0 lite version ) to start with demos, examples and so on(2.- o.k)
3.- After this, i really disappointed, of course not for board or softwre. The main reason is that i can not compile none of those programs with atollic. i did all of things that say in manual and nothing happend. just appears bad and bad and bad on console...(3.- fail)
4.- ok, maybe is a bad setting or one o two files that i forgot( i dont know yet) ... but i tried to use STM32 ST-LINK_V2.1. I assume, this utility, have to works with board.. right?? but nothing is happening...(4.- fail again)
5.-and ideas came to my head.. if st-link is a programmer-debugger, when i connect through usb, Usb on board could flashing??? (is it possible??).. and why Win7(sorry) says "this strange something wear bla bla bla.. is a unknowing dispositive" despite on computer resides Stlink usb driver.dll, instalation of usb driver was made, and so on..(5.- confused).
if anyone could help me, please let me know where i failed to get the truth about stm board.
all feedbacks are important for me...
thanks a lot evereyone

atte. hector