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STM32 and zigbee Tranceiver

Question asked by lusy.allen on Feb 12, 2014
I have used TI's CC2530 Zigbee SOC with ZStack on it. But i want to use Different Host microcontroller which will communicate to zigbee transceiver for sending and receiving data.  So i planned to buy ST Zigbee Transceiver. Before that i need some clarification.
As per my understanding we need to communicate host controller and Zigbee tranceiver through UART. We need to send that through AT commands or API. So my questions are.

1. Which Zigbee stack should use for STM32 and where i will get that Stack?

2.Will ST Provide all the feature like TI provides like child aging, stack itself form Mesh network to router and star to End device.

3.Can any one suggest me which zigbee tranceiver i should use.

Please help me to start in this platform