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New STM32L0 ultra-low-power (Cortex-M0+)

Question asked by Thierry GUILHOT Employee on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2014 by greg_stm

STMicroelectronics has announced the New STM32 Ultra-low-power MCU ARM CortexTM-M0+ based: STM32L0 Series

The new STM32L0 ultra-low-power  series features a 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that sets a new standard for low power consumption, and a USB FS 2.0 crystal-less solution. With the ADC consuming just 40µA at a conversion speed of 100ksps, rising to just 200µA at 1.14Msps. The STM32L0 Series are manufactured in ST’s proprietary CMOS technology that offers both embedded EEPROM, as well as the industry’s smallest variation in power consumption over the 25°C - 125°C temperature range, leading to record low consumption levels at elevated temperatures.  This makes the STM32L0 microcontrollers particularly suitable for (distributed) industrial sensor applications relying on batteries or energy harvesting.

The STM32L0 series is offered in three lines: Access line, USB line, and USB/LCD line.  Common features of all of the new devices include outstanding power consumption in several modes including 139 µA/MHz @ 32MHz, 87 µA/MHz using an optimized mode, and 400nA in Stop mode with full RAM retention and a 3.5µs wake-up time.  The series also features up to 64KB of Flash memory, up to 8KB of SRAM, and 2KB of embedded true EEPROM.  A built-in hardware oversampling capability also enables 16-bit ADC resolution. STM32L0 devices with integrated USB FS 2.0 interface support battery charger detection and link power management. Crystal-less operation of the USB is enabled via a built-in 48 MHz oscillator.  All the lines offer built- in hardware engine encryption (AES) as an option.

STM32L0 web page here

STM32L0 press release link

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