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Problem connecting to STM32F051 via STM32F0DISCOVERY

Question asked by bilz.johannes on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by baird.hal.001
I have a problem connecting to a STM32F051K6.
I tried to use the Debugger on an STM32F0DISCOVERY-Board. It should be an ST-Link V2.
Therefore I disconnected the Jumpers on CN2 and the Soldering bridges on SB19 and SB22. This is what the DISCOVERY's Datasheet says.
When I trie to connect to the Controller via STM32 ST-LINK Utility, it can't connect. I have tried holding BOOT0 HI or LO with no success. Leaving NRST open had although no effect.
Trying to erase the chip with CoIDE gave an "Check Connection" Error.
You find my basic schematic attached.
I hope anyone has an Idea!

My Current-Consumption is about 2.5mA so I guess the Chip is operating

Thanks! Johannes