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USB cdc host can not see device after second connection

Question asked by qian.ken.001 on Feb 6, 2014
I found a weir problem on me usb cdc connection. I have one cdc device and one cdc host. Every time I connected device to host, host looks like find another device (VID:0069h, PID:0063h) and stuck there. I have to unplug and reconnect them to let the host to find the correct device (VID:0932h, PID:0004h). If unplug and reconnect again, the host will see  (VID:0069h, PID:0063h). next reconnect will see the correct one, and so on. 
What is the device (VID:0069h, PID:0063h)? how can I get rid of this device from my host?