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STM32F205 ADC in non Scan Mode

Question asked by mai-au on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by baird.hal.001

I am working with the STM32F205 and despite having carefully read the ADC chapter in the Family Reference Manual (RM0033) I seem to be missing something...

Page 231 of RM0033 Rev 5 says that the SCAN bit in the ADC_CR1 register enables or disables the ADC's scan mode.  It goes on to say that "In scan mode, the inputs selected through the ADC_SQRx or ADC_JSQRx registers are converted".  OK so far.  But the whole chapter doesn't seem to mention how, if you do not use scan mode, you control which ADC input is to be converted... ?

In my case, I just want to perform an occasional A to D conversion of a single input channel, initiated by my code on a casual "as needed" basis, with my code waiting for the conversion to complete by polling the EOC flag then reading the result from the ADC Data Register.  This does not seem to justify the complexity of setting up and using the ADC's Scan mode, but I cannot seem to see how I specify which ADC channel I wish to convert when not using scan mode... ?

Hopefully I am just missing something obvious.  Perhaps the relevant page has fallen out out of my RM0033 PDF file ?

Any suggestions would be  appreciated...

Thanking you,