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STM32F429I Stock

Question asked by Mark Edwards on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Mark Edwards
I recently noticed that Mouser is listing stock (delivery at end of Jan or 15 weeks lead time – so ordered mine hoping for sooner rather than later) of the STM32F429 – Yippee.
Not the 429Z I was thinking of using – Damn.
It’s the 429I, so 176 pins instead of 144. Extra Pins! Yippee.
So time to get working on the schematic, as my rats nest prototype seems to be behaving itself but could do with a major redesign for the additional features that are on my wish list.
So for others who like myself, like using Altium but can’t justify the £900 subscription for the occasional new IC, here is the schematic and pad layout for the STM32F429Ix.
NOTE: The attached files have been compiled from datasheets and may contain typo’s so if you choose to use them treat the information as Provisional. I will update the post when I get the chips soldered to the PCB.  No Ibis info as the only link I could find on the ST Website seems to be broken.