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STM32L100 - DFU bootloader from HSI & missing errata pdf

Question asked by pajik on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by pajik
I'm planning to use some of new STM32L100 most probably in one of RB or R6 version mcu in upcoming project.

1) Does anybody know, when will ST release errata notes to those versions (there is only errata pdf for RC version - is it supposed to be same for others as well).

2) Regarding errata I already ported the project from STM32L151RBT6 to STM32L100RBT6  and everything is working all right, but from RC errata sheet I'm afraid about RCC peripheral limitation where some delay should be inserted after enabling peripheral, but the code seems to work even without this modifications, does anybody now, If I can just ignore this errata or should I implement workaround even if the code is working?

3) Most important for me. In application I'm planning to use very precise 26MHz TCXO oscillator and I need to use USB DFU bootloader. From datasheet, it seems, that I can't use internal HSI oscillator for driving USB, but from clock configuration utility I understand, that I can't use external 26MHz neither. Does anybody have some idea, how to solve this, or am I wrong with these assumptions?

thank you a lot for any advice