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AHRS continous problem under CoIDE

Question asked by Daniel on Apr 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by Daniel
Hi to all, I'm trying to use this demo, and I have noticed that my program remains blocked at this line of the iNEMO_AHRS_Init()
void iNEMO_AHRS_Init(iNEMO_SENSORDATA*    pSensorData,
                    iNEMO_EULER_ANGLES*  pAngle,
                    iNEMO_QUAT*          pQuat)
  /* Initialize all the EKF Matrix to Zero */
  pMat_P = iNEMO_fMatCreateZero(7,7);
  pMat_Fsys = iNEMO_fMatCreateUnit(7,7);
  pMat_Q = iNEMO_fMatCreateZero(7,7);
  pMat_Pnew = iNEMO_fMatCreateZero(7,7);
Since the last call is like the previous, I think that maybe my heap is too small.
It is a correct idea? In this case, how to increase it? Thank you