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L6474 Grounding

Question asked by jayaprakash.senthil_ on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Enrico Poli

Dear Enrico,

In my application, I have a power board (generating 24V, 7V) and control board (contains uC, L6474) connected with cables. I have used 24V for L6474 Power pins and 5V for Microcontroller and Digital logic of L6474. As suggested in datasheets, all ground pins of L6474 (PGND, AGND, DGND) are tied to 24V gnd. Ground track of 5V is rated only for 1Amp whereas 24V ground track is rated for 3A. I'm using a star point connection to connect 24Vgnd and 5V gnd. How to ensure the motor current  doesn't take 5V gnd path  for return?

Please refer the attachment.