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ST, all but userfriendly

Question asked by vandenneucker.wouter on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2010 by bautista.noel
hi all,

first of, I just got my STM32VL Discovery. And it looks nice!
I took it out, pluged it in and an played with the buttons..

Next step: (5 on the cardboard btw)
to study or modify the DISCOVER project related to this simple demo,
visit and follow the tutorial.

Nice try but a 404 is given..
After some google search I decided to download Atollic.

I find the st tutorial and think I'm all set.
Guess again.. the tutorial says I have to go to the stm32vl_discovery directory..
But I can't find it (how could I, I didn't even downloaded something from st).

Anyways, my google search starts again, and by wonder I stumble upon the an3268 package. I hate to say it, but this is sh*t, how could I knew this? I never, ever found a download location. I didn't even got the hint that I had to download something..

But I'm set, atleast I think..

in the next step I need to add a variable path.. It points to a FIRMWARE folder,.. NICE, but where the hell is it located? I couldn't find it, so I suppose it's another download link... 
But where in earth can I find it? One thing is certain, NOT in the tutorial..

Wouter Vandenneucker

PS: can someone pls give me that link.. it's kind of frustrating..