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L6480 - first move after STBY/RESET sometimes fails

Question asked by OMR on Oct 8, 2014

We are using the L6480 with a Fulling FL86ST67 motor driving a drum sorter.
As a security measure, there is a light curtain asserting the STBY/RESET pin for every object entering. The first move (by 200 steps) after that sometimes fails (lots of step-loss) while identical runs without asserting STBY/RESET never fails.

My question to the forum is: are there any issues, while restoring the controller registers after a STBY/RESET that could explain this behaviour?
Registers are written back, after a 1ms delay in a sequence with increasing register addresses.

Parameters are:
{0x05, 0x0067}, {0x06, 0x0045}, {0x07, 0x001a}, {0x08, 0x0000}, 
{0x09, 0x000e}, {0x0a, 0x001c}, {0x0b, 0x001c}, {0x0c, 0x001c},
{0x0d, 0x3127}, {0x0e, 0x0040}, {0x0f, 0x0079}, {0x10, 0x007a},
{0x11, 0x0000}, {0x13, 0x001f}, {0x14, 0x001f}, {0x15, 0x07ff},
{0x16, 0x0007}, {0x17, 0x00ff}, {0x1a, 0x2f88}

Our SPI is running @5MHz

Hope someone can shed some light on this matter :-)