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iNEMO Engine M1 LI3 - ported to STM32F4 not showing coorect data

Question asked by anton.bogdan on Oct 22, 2014
Hello, i am using the iNEMO Lite soft version, namely INEMOEngineM1LI3,

 the only thing i modified to work with the stm32f407 was some i2c functions, and the data/trafic on the i2c buss is ok.
I tryied to display the roll, pitch, and yaw on a 20x4 LCD display, and the Roll axis is ok, in the meaning that it moves from 0 - 180 -180 -0 ,
However the Pitch axis only moves from 0 to 88 degree, if i try to move above 88 degree its starts decending to 0 again

And the Yaw axis displays -121 degree, if i move the yaw axis the minimum value i can get is -60 degree

The header and source code is the same as in the

Is this a demo software limitation? Tryed even my own sensor libs and using inemo ahrs kalman filters and algorithms