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From AVR (AVR-GCC) to STM8 with STM8S-Discovery

Question asked by volk.artem on May 5, 2011
Good day!

I'm writing my first project with STM8. Here are a couple of questions:

- AVR-GCC has a convenient attribute PROGMEM ( to store data (for example big arrays) in flash not in RAM and read data from flash directly. Does any of the Cosmic/Raisonance/IAR has something similar for STM8?

- AVR-GCC has different types of sprintf (optimized integer only (small code) and with float numbers support (big code)) does any of the Cosmic/Raisonance/IAR has this?

- Is this possible to just program (not debug) MCU from STVD without running STVP? May be with shortcut?

- Is there any simple way to check size of program in STVD without looking to .lst compiler output?

Thanks in advance!