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L6470H discovery Issues on two systems

Question asked by burr.steven on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by burr.steven
I am attempting to run the L6470H discovery kit with the dspin software from a machine with windows xp on it. I was previously able to run it from another machine with xp, I installed the same files but cannot connect to the board. I get a windows error with the following parameters:
EventType : clr20r3     P1 : gui.exe     P2 : 1.2.5071.18356     P3 : 528b2b58
P4 : mscorlib     P5 :     P6 : 4a7ce2b8     P7 : 1295     P8 : 14    
P9 : system.missingmethodexception    
On the other system I get an error with spi_dll when I connect, any ideas?
I have tried to download the latest software with no luck.