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STM324xG_EVAL Camera_to_USBDisk example - changing the resolution?

Question asked by hersey.stephen.001 on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by hersey.stephen.001
I've been working with the STM3240G_EVAL board's onboard camera and the Camera_To_USBDisk sample application. This application normally displays and records images at 320x200 (the resolution of the onboard LCD); I wanted to grab and record images at VGA (640x480) resolution without bothering to display on the LCD. This is within the camera module's specs and the size of the external SRAM on the eval board, so it should be possible. Moreover, the library driver ov2640.c has config settings for VGA resolution, so someone has done at least some work on that.

Naturally, the task required significantly refactoring of the code in main.c to optimize memory usage (in this case, at the expense of processing time, which is fine for me). I've successfully operated the modified program at 320x200, and have generated and verified fixed-pattern test images at 320x200 and 640x400, proving out the correctness of the data pipeline *after* the camera. (The BMP headers were a particular adventure...)

My code is attached for your amusement.

However, when I try to capture images at 640x480, the result is random snow rather than an image or image fragments. Having extensively tested the rest of my code, I suspect that the initialization of the camera and DCMI for 640x480 may be faulty.

Has anyone succeeded in operating this or a similar camera at 640x480 resolution on an eval module?

Steve Hersey