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Flash Driver - Header file

Question asked by Mike on Apr 3, 2015
I am trying to use flash driver from Application Configuration for SPC560D40L3 device. I used an example from SPC560B series available with SPC5Studio. I modified the platform settings to use SPC560D40L3 device, modified the flash address and page settings as per new device and tested the application using SPC Discovery kit (it has SPC560D40L3 mounted on it replacing the SPC560D40L1). 
Now I created a new application by adding the flash driver from availble components for SPC560D series. With same code files, as above example, when I try to build the application it gives an error for 'FlashMap.h' module. When compared, the two header files - one with new flash driver and the older with SPC560B device are not matching. I am attaching both files here. Is it correct or with v3.4.3 release, it has also changed?

The error is for line 'void ErrorTrap(UINT32 returnCode);' saying that unknown type name 'UINT32'. Is any other header file required?

Your earliest help will be highly appreciated. Thank in advance.