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USB Mouse problem on STM32F105

Question asked by negrobov.pavel on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by negrobov.pavel
Hi to all!

I need to work with USB mouse on F105 processor.
I used latest USB host-device lib - STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0, little rework it:
1. Remove STM3210C-EVAL's display, I have my own display, different then STM3210C-EVAL.
2. Make callbacks for mouse events (movements, buttons).
3. Make absolute coordinates in required range.

All works, mouse detects, I got all - PID, VID, etc, but periodically (10-15 minutes) host dies. Mouse move, but USB Core function USBH_HID_Handle does not call, so nothing not working.
Processor works, RTC clock work correctly.
After 10-15 min it agai begin to work, etc.

I checked 2 mouse - bug repeated.

Anybody know what is this bug and how to correct it?
I can upload full source code for IAR or Coocox.