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I have STM8S Discovery examples, Fuzzy Logic, Power System Relay

Question asked by fischer.daniel on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by gonzalez.paul
Hello All,

I used to teach at a university in Ontario; I switched to another job in the industry.

I have developed a number of simple examples meant to gradually introduce students to programming the STM8S Discovery board.  Also, I have developed 2 projects:

1) the software for a rover that either tracks a line, or it is manually controlled using an infrared remote controller, using the SONY communication protocol.  The tracking method can also use Fuzzy Logic, in the application.
2) an impedance protection relay with directional capability.

These were 2 projects for 2 different courses I was teaching; an Advanced Mechatronics and a Power System Protection Relaying course.

I would not mind sharing with anyone the material I have developed, including course notes, etc.  I just do not know where / how to post this, and if anyone is interested.

The software (including Fuzzy Logic support) is written for the Cosmic compiler, but can be adapted to Raisonance.  Of course, it all runs on the Discovery.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.  I can zip it up an post it.