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Inemo-M1 'LSM303DLHC_AccDataReady.c' problem

Question asked by borg.emmanuel on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by engine_
Hi guys,

I have jsut started using the Inemo_m1 discovery board.

After Installing the software and doing some hello world projects (using KEIL IDE;debugged via ST-Link debugger), I decided to setup communication with the on board accelerometer.

In the installation directory: STEVAL-MKI121V1\Discovery-M1_Fw_Package\iNemo_M1_Applications\Source\examples

There is a source file named: LSM303DLHC_AccDataReady.c

I created a project, set the code in this .c file as the main function and compiled the project. After including some source and header files, the project compiled succesfully.

I loaded the project onto the inemo and started debugging with the ST-Link debugger.. The debugger jams atinstruction ' while(!xAccDataReady);' waiting for the accelerometer data ready interrupt to happen. 

I have gone through all the code and it seems that all has been well set, I really can't figure out what is wrong... anybody had any try to this code? Any help is much appreciated..