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nfc tag application recommendation

Question asked by kramer.stephen on Jun 27, 2016

I am trying to find a nfc solution for my application and was looking for recommendations.

What I would like is a device that will wake up a small microcontroller (ATTINY85 or equivalent) when an nfc phone is brought near it.  I was considering the ST25TA02K because it lists the option to send a digital out signal upon receipt of an interrupt command from the phone.  I need this chip in a mounting type that I can adapt to through-hole for breadboard mounting, I haven't seen adapters for UFDFPN8 or 5.  

So I then am considering the M24R04-E as I found through-hole adapters for the package types available (TSSOP8 & SO8).

For this application low cost is important, as is size and power usage so that makes the M24R04-E also attractive with its energy harvesting ability.

Can the M24R04-E be configured to send a GPO signal upon command via the phone?

What I'd like to do is make a small Android App that the user can use to send the signal to activate the nfc which will then activate the microcontroller.  Is this possible?  I am looking to produce 50-100 systems.