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LIS3DH read zero axis ???

Question asked by hagag.yossi on May 27, 2015


I have a weird problem.

I manufactured a PCB with to accelerometers on it. One is LIS3DH and the other if from other manufacture (ADXL346).

Both works from 1.8v regulator and are connected to on the same I2C bus. Both also connected to a microchip pic micro and works fine. I can read and write to the registers and read X Y Z values.

By mistake I connected 12v to the regulator instead of 3.6v and both accelerometers stopped to work.

I found that the 1.8v regulator is not good and I replaced it with a new one. I also replaced both accelerometers with new one.

My problem is :

I can read registers and read X Y Z values from the ADXL346 and it works fine but:

I cannot read X Y Z values from the LIS3DH (I get zero at all three axis) but I can read and write to every other register on it.

I can read "WHO AM I" register. I also confirmed that every register I write to it I can read back its values in order to validate the data.


What could be the problem?

The code is the same and work fine on other PCB circuit.

Please advice before I will try to remove and replace again the LIS3DH