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Query regarding interrupt generation and acceleration values

Question asked by g.keerthi.001 on May 12, 2015
Hi ,
we are using LIS331DLH accelerometer for our application.
I have some doubts regarding acceleration values. 

1) I don't get any horizontal acceleration for below configuration.
        Threshold: 500mg.
         Interrupt 1 is enabled
         INT1_CFG = 0X2A (XH, YH and ZH enabled)

2) I get horizontal acceleration when i enable 6D direction movement. But it produce continuous interrupt for small movement with below configuration.
         Threshold: 1000mg
         Interrupt 1 is enabled
         INT1_CFG = 0X6A (XH, YH and ZH enabled and 6D direction movement)

3) From the datasheet in steady state, sensor has x =0g, y = 0g and z = 1g. If I set threshold 500mg and enabled acceleration in z axis, will it produce continuous interrupt?
    Because Already the acceleration in z direction 1000mg (1g).

Thanks in advance

Keerthi G.