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L6472 homing best pratice

Question asked by minnella.massimilian on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Enrico Poli
I'm wondering what is the best approach to proceed with homing, let's say we have two limit switches CW and CCW, when system starts and none of them are pressed it's easy to proceed with homing, i.e moving to CW direction, find lower limits, reset ABS register, move towards CCW and find upper limits,
but what if when system starts, for any reason,  one of two limit switches are already pressed?
there is only one SW pin on L6472,  CW and CCW limit switches are usually  to be connected in parallel, what is the right direction for release the switch?
Actually to solve this dilemma i've used this workaround, add redundant MCU GPIO pins to limit switches, to check any limits before starting homing procedure.
I'm wondering if there a more smarter way (i.e. check motor current or whatever) to resolve this issues.

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