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LIS3DH Interrupts - can't clear threshold interrupt

Question asked by Turboman on Apr 1, 2015
I've got a LIS3DH interrupting on a threshold. I went by the example in CD00290365.pdf for a filtered example, operating on a >300mg threshold.

My problem is when it interrupts. The int line is held low for one output-data-rate-length samples. So, about 700us for 1250Hz output, or 2.5ms for 400Hz, and so on. I've tried to clear the interrupt line by reading the INT_SRC register, by clearing and re-setting the INT1_CFG register (back to 0x2A for XYZ high ints) and also by reading the axis data registers. I've also tried reading the status registers to see if there's an overrun, which there wasn't.

So am I stuck with a latched interrupt (I tried clearing the latch interrupts bit in CTRL_REG5 but no luck) for as long as the sample rate is set?

I'd like to know if I can clear this interrupt down, and how.