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iNemo M1 firmware?

Question asked by Tom on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by zhang.watershade
Hi guys,

I just received a couple of iNemo M1 boards ( It's a nice little gem, and I look forward to design great stuff with it. However I have not managed to talk to it yet. So far I managed to upload iNEMOV2_Firmware_PackageV2.2.0_AHRS through USART, but I got no data when listening, and it was not recognized by the demo application.

Looks like there are: iNEMOEngine_PW8, iNEMOEngine_Ll3, iNEMOEngine_PAAP and iNEMOEngine_Pl3P, but I could not find the files… Moreover my goal is to change the firmware, so I believe I need the Light version provided with sources.

So in brief, is there a working firmware and demos somewhere? Is there firmware example sources somewhere? Should I use a different communication port?

Thank you very much