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GoTo(ABS_POS) error during motor running

Question asked by goncharov.sergey.001 on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by goncharov.sergey.001

In my application I send GoTo(ABS_POS) commands when stepper motor is running at constant speed, when BUSY flag is high, so I'm sure that the target speed is reached. And everything is going well most of time, but sometimes (maybe 5-10% of total number of commands send) GoTo(ABS_POS) coommand acts like GoTo_DIR(DIR, ABS_POS)  command but with "wrong" direction and motor makes all 2^22 steps in opposite direction. So, GoTo(ABS_POS) doesn't act like a positioning in a shortest way. I have checked real signals many times to be sure that adrress of command is 0x60, not 0x68, one can see on attached picture.

Are there any suggestions why this can happen and how one can avoid such problem?