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Bug in SPCstudio Complier or SPC MCU Family

Question asked by vanima.nooshin on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by vanima.nooshin
I want to use 2 can port , i tried a lot for this issue in two MCU :
SPC560B50L5 and SPC560B54L5 Both of them Have a same Response

in this family when i look at the datasheet i saw a Flexcan1 have 3 CANRX pin And 2 CANTX pin  in program you can set the function of pin for can driver when you set pins manualy or set with pinmap .
Finally I found the Special pins for can is work correctly :
only PC[10] =CANTX1 and PC[3] =CANRX1 

the Refrence manual and datasheet said you can select the pin  but it is not correct
is this bug or not ?

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